BA Taxi


Taking the relationship between passengers and taxi drivers to a whole new level

After a deficient first version of BA Taxi, the Ministry of Modernization selected Amalgama to make a more stable and scalable second version of the application.


The Buenos Aires City Government had a version of BA Taxi that presented unstable functioning and difficulty in scaling when several users used the application at the same time. In such circumstances, they decided to develop a new version that was robust

and had a solid architecture capable of scaling to a large number of users in an efficient and stable way. Thanks to the successful experience in developing MiBA App with Amalgama, the Government decided to entrust this new project to our team.



Due to the instability and the great amount of criticism of the previous version, the new one had to be ready and operational as soon as possible


Something fundamental since it is a massive application, with potentially 30K taxi drivers and 6M passengers as audience.



The old BA taxi app was analyzed, understanding and identifying its functionalities and characteristics.


A proposal was done to improve previous version, offering native apps and a back end.


The prototype was validated through interviews with potential users.


A product, aligned to the needs of the users (taxi driver and passengers) was developed and launched.

Information gathering

Information gathered regarding the functionalities to be developed and the main goals of the client. (the necessary architecture).


It was done remaking both Native Apps and the Backend, following the design guidelines proposed by the client.

Stress Testing

The prototype was validated through interviews with potential users.


The user acceptance was measured post launching.


A free and non-profit platform that facilitates and improves the experience of ordering and paying for taxis.

It seeks to provide greater transparency and security for both passengers and drivers.


Offering tranquility to all users

  • License visibility.
  • Vehicle geolocalization.
  • Verification of the driver and the car’s licence plate.
  • Scoring/review system for the taxi drivers and the passengers.
  • Security of data and money transactions (through the incorporation of Mercado Pago)


Having all the information available for passengers

  • Time and price estimation.
  • Lost belongings.
  • Claims.
  • Trips history.
  • Integration to other Government platforms to offer a cost estimation of trips.


Picking the best experience

  • Vehicle size.
  • Driver’s language.
  • Pet friendly.
  • Payment method.
  • Pick Up and Destination selection.
  • Search for the nearest vehicle.


Real time reports

  • Trips demand.
  • Average reviews.
  • Average trip price.
  • Number of trips per day.
  • Average trip distance.
  • Average hours of taxi in service.
  • Most preferred payment methods.


More than 745.000 trips have been completed since the release of the new version.
More than 13.000 taxi drivers have subscribed to the app since the launch of the new version.
Average of 2.000 trips and 10.000 logins per day.
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