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Review of post-production images, made simple

VeryBusy is an online platform designed to optimize retouching projects, facilitating collaboration between creative teams by combining image tracking and communication in one easy-to-use platform.

Core Funcionalities

Create a project

Gather your teammates and upload the assets you’ll be working on.

Give feedback

Share specific retouch notes by making markups and comments on the assets.


Keep track of image versions and approvals.

Deliver on time

Share a review link of the project to key stakeholders.

The project


In order to achieve the perfect image, teams involved in the digital retouching process might work on several iterations before the final delivery. The back and forth of instructions and feedback can become extremely tedious for the people involved, especially when working with complex PDF notes and massive email chains. From a product standpoint, our team's challenge was to design and develop a platform that would help creative teams communicate the retouching needs in a clear and easy way, in order to keep track of the progress and meet deadlines on time.

The team also faced the complexity of having to understand a business and empathize with users located mainly in the United States, with a very different cultural background and mental model. Identifying and understanding these users and the different team configurations that play a part in the retouching process was a big challenge for the team in order to conduct the product design of VeryBusy.

Solution Proposed

VeryBusy offers a new workflow for creative teams, by combining and simplifying their current process through an intuitive, easy-to-use platform that adjusts to the different creative teams out there. Its main purpose is to facilitate communication and to provide quality tools for making markups and tracking images. To accomplish this, we worked together with the client to clearly understand the target user (Art Directors, Producers, and Retouchers), in order to identify and prioritize the core functionalities that would ease their pains and enhance their gains. With continuous validations with users, iterations, development, and product deliveries every two weeks, we achieved to build the desired platform. Currently, we continue to work on new functionalities that will empower VeryBusy ( to position itself in the market.


Visual Resources

Typography: Modern, geometric and versatile

Color palette

Main colors





A simple and collaborative platform that facilitates the workflow between digital retouchers and creative teams.

“They (The Amalgama Team) play an active role in problem-solving and contributing creative ideas, continuously improving upon the final product.”

Peter Hunner – Co Founder, Hunny

Creating on-demand projects

  • Gather your teammates and Invite them to collaborate in the project.
  • Upload all the assets and documents necessary for the retouching process.
  • Give directions to the team and start working on the assets.

Making markups on images

  • Indicate specific retouch notes by using markups over the image.
  • Communicate more general requirements with comments.
  • Assign members to take care of certain tasks.

Managing versions and approving images

  • Easily access to the different versions of an image.
  • Compare the different versions/ rounds of an image.
  • Make the final approval of the retouched images.
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