Functional Bodybuilding

Functional Bodybuilding: Persist training program

How to retain more athletes and gain more along the way


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Marcus Filly, a renowned crossfit athlete, achieved a remarkable 12th place in the world in 2016. However, the intense demands of the sport left him burnt out and unable to even set foot in a gym.

Driven by his passion for training, Marcus sought a new approach to maintain his health. Recognizing the importance of enjoying his fitness routines for optimal results and long-term sustainability, he embarked on the journey of Functional Bodybuilding in 2017.
This path not only aimed to assist his clients but also became a means for Marcus to redefine his own fitness journey.

He started Functional Bodybuilding in 2017 as a way to help his clients and himself.


Since 2017, their gym program has grown. With COVID-19, they realized they had the opportunity to scale the business. They adapted their face-to-face program to a virtual one, using an app. Things started well, and they grew rapidly until they reached a point where they were gaining almost the same number of new users as the number of users they were losing.

However, all the effort they put into attracting new athletes wasn’t yielding the expected results. They realized they needed to improve the lifetime value and retention of their clients. At a certain point, the clients realized that they were putting too much effort into attracting new athletes while the program itself wasn’t delivering the expected results. Therefore, both conversion and retention needed improvement.


We created a roadmap to understand all stakeholders: owners, administrators, coaches, athletes, potential athletes, and dropouts. Insights from both business and athlete perspectives helped identify areas for improvement.
We gathered feedback from different athlete types and developed action plans to improve retention. These plans are being implemented with guidelines and metrics for progress.
Through a comprehensive discovery process, we designed action plans involving FBB’s stakeholders to enhance app retention with clear guidelines and metrics.

Enhaced features

Reduce the amount of information shown on the page

Give a more accessible image to your athletes

Present alternative programs for beginners

Improving the On-Boarding Process, making it easier


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What you’ll get

  • A prototype of the product to be built reflecting the product’s vision.
  • The roadmap for development.

What we’ll be
working on

  • Business Analysis and Planning
  • Market and audience analysis
  • Users analysis: interviews & surveys
  • Value proposition analysis & definition
  • Prototyping
  • User testings
  • Roadmap definition

What you’ll get:

Obviously, what you came for!
An amazing, cool, trendy, app web
or any kind of digital product.

What we’ll be working on:

  • Product Research & Strategy
  • Marketing & Growth strategy
  • Frontend and backend development
  • UX/UI Design, Research & testing
  • QA & QC
  • Naming & Branding

What you’ll get:

An appealing and unique website with smooth usability that your audience will love to engage with.

What we’ll be

working on:

  • Brand analysis and goals definition
  • Wireframing
  • Look & Feel application
  • Web Development

Swish 365

Swish’s founders came to us to build an app so that parents could book their children’s basketball sessions in a simple and fast way. Together we developed a mobile app and web app that also allows them to have visibility on the progress and results of their children.

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Product Discovery
Product Development

Mobile app for IOS and
Android App + Web App

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