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Ben (CPO), Wei (CEO) and Mike (CLO) story started in a high school math class in Lake Tahoe, California, and has grown to include a team of Silicon Valley engineers, educators, and professionals committed to building a simple, flexible and effective solution for all companies and their teams.

They believe that a great education is one of the most influential things you can give to someone. Together, they founded Upduo to make best-in-class education available to all.


Many organizations suffer from a critical problem: valuable insights and expertise crucial for success are often trapped within individual employees. This knowledge, acquired through experience and personal understanding, is not effectively shared among peers. This leads to inefficiencies, repeated mistakes, and missed opportunities. Factors such as poor communication channels, lack of formalized processes, and social dynamics exacerbate the issue.

Without addressing this challenge, companies risk losing crucial knowledge assets and hindering their long-term growth and innovation potential.


Upduo is a new kind of education company applying best practices in learning and teaching to the real world. We believe that change in education happens when educational success profits everyone — the individual, the company, and society. We are starting with mobile retail stores, where Upduo provides employees a platform to practice sales skills, facilitating mastery through one-on-one learning and teaching. Employers use Upduo because having consistent customer service results in more sales.


    1. Peer to peer connections
    2. Teach to / Learn from others
    3. Rate sessions


  1. Give and receive
  2. Ranking and progress

Galaxy of knowledge

  1. Clear career path
  2. Goals to be reached


Not only met the needs of existing clients but also attracted new ones.

Got closer to our goal of having a healthy business.

Positioned for sustainable growth and success in the market.

471 464 Amalgama

What you’ll get

  • A prototype of the product to be built reflecting the product’s vision.
  • The roadmap for development.

What we’ll be
working on

  • Business Analysis and Planning
  • Market and audience analysis
  • Users analysis: interviews & surveys
  • Value proposition analysis & definition
  • Prototyping
  • User testings
  • Roadmap definition

What you’ll get:

Obviously, what you came for!
An amazing, cool, trendy, app web
or any kind of digital product.

What we’ll be working on:

  • Product Research & Strategy
  • Marketing & Growth strategy
  • Frontend and backend development
  • UX/UI Design, Research & testing
  • QA & QC
  • Naming & Branding

What you’ll get:

An appealing and unique website with smooth usability that your audience will love to engage with.

What we’ll be

working on:

  • Brand analysis and goals definition
  • Wireframing
  • Look & Feel application
  • Web Development

Swish 365

Swish’s founders came to us to build an app so that parents could book their children’s basketball sessions in a simple and fast way. Together we developed a mobile app and web app that also allows them to have visibility on the progress and results of their children.

Services offered
Product Discovery
Product Development

Mobile app for IOS and
Android App + Web App

iOS App
Android App


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