Tech’s Impact on Traditional Fitness Models

Discover all the insights into how technology can revolutionize traditional fitness models.
We will dive into entrepreneurial strategies with The Tight Fit’s founders—perfect for anyone aspiring to disrupt the fitness industry.
Whether you’re a startup enthusiast, a business owner, or just a fitness professional curious about the intersection of technology and wellness, this webinar is for you.

Get ready to be inspired and learn how innovation can turn a startup into a trendsetter in the fitness world!

👥 About our amazing speakers

🎙️ Travis Pomposello Head of Growth & Innovation at Amalgama and Co-founder EPIX
🎙️ Sofia Viel Head of product at Amalgama
🎙️Jennifer Milacci Founder at the Tight Fit
🎙️ Gonzalo Amuchastegui Co-founder of amalgama, Coach, Agile mentor, Digital strategist & Former CEO

💡 A few key highlights:

  1. Wearable Boom: It’s incredible how many people now use wearables, providing a wealth of personal information.
  2. Agile Team Transition: Shifting to a dedicated agile team brought structure and proven value to the implementation.
  3. Covid’s Impact: Remote work changed habits, influencing how people engage with fitness in their homes.
  4. Fitness and Tech Trends:
    • AI Mainstream: AI is becoming integral; it’s about a holistic experience, not just building tech.
    • Wearables and Interconnectivity: Cover all aspects; gym apps can’t track your entire life.
    • User Understanding: Real value comes from understanding users, not just answering queries.
  5. Tech and People: Technology bridges gaps, connecting those who want to train and providing motivation through personalization.
  6. Personalization by Tech: Technology brings personalization, but it won’t do the training for us.
  7. Community Building:
    • Gamification and Challenges: Building a sense of community without the need for a social platform.
    • Small Connections: Connecting with 2-3 people is enough to maintain engagement.
  8. Maximizing Gym Space: Tech solutions for underutilized spaces in gyms, catering to evolving fitness preferences.
  9. Evolving Fitness Trends:
    • Brand Endorsement: People continue to endorse brands they like.
    • Flexible Training: Train at home or on holidays, emphasizing the importance of Fit Tech.
  10. Role of Coaches: Technology complements but doesn’t replace coaches, transforming wellness interaction.
  11. Opportunities in Tech: Accessibility, personalization, and extended hours open new opportunities in the fitness segment.
  12. Longevity Trend: Anticipate trends around longevity, including DNA testing and broader health considerations.
Embark on a journey of knowledge!
Delve into the entire session to discover valuable perspectives on well-being, health, fitness, and the latest trends transforming the landscape.

👀 Watch the full webinar here:

Looking for a more laid-back way to enjoy it? You got it! You can kick back and listen to the webinar directly on Spotify. Here’s the link to the audio-only version.

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