ERP Canada


ERP platform for a better management

Coalesce, together with Amalgama, developed a product for a Canadian supply company founded in 2010, whose main activity is the retail of baking paper. The goal was to develop a customized ERP platform that could provide the factory constant visibility of their stock throughout their entire manufacturing process.

Main functionalities

Real time stock at any moment.

Material tracking throughout the entire process.

Dashboard with stats of market prices to make better decisions.


The problem

At the moment the project began, processes at the factory weren't completely defined.
They had three shifts, in which each one of them defined their way of doing things. As a consequence, each shift needed a different solution, as their needs and pains were different. In addition, the factory's management believed the processes were made in one way, when in fact they were made in different ways.

The proposal

After analyzing the different working methods of the different shifts, the first step was to standardize the process to everyone. Throughout the project, as a team, we had to adapt to constant changes. This was the only way to manage the different visions and issues.

A platform to integrate the different operations of the company: sales, purchases, production, inventory and compatibility.

The goal was to have consistent information, in real time, that would allow the company to make better decision towards the business.


Production orders creation

  • Adding associated costs.
  • Reviewing the necessary raw materials.
  • Comparing costs with previews orders.


Unique bar codes for inventory tracking

  • Creating unique bar codes through the web or android mobile app.
  • Scanning the codes to associate them to an order or to move them.


Connection with external systems

  • Xero: accounting platform.
  • Quicksight: real time reports.
  • European central bank: currency quotation.
6 Minutes of lecture